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Why we are the best choice for vending service in Jacksonville

When you look around at the vending machines in and around Jacksonville, you probably notice that most of them are aging. Most vending operators don’t upgrade equipment until it completely dies. This leaves many of their customers with aging and outdated machines. Many don’t even offer any electronic payment options, like Credit or Debit Cards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

Since Vend-Co is a national equipment supplier, our local vending customers always have the most advanced equipment available. All our machines accept all forms of payments, as well as cash payments. All our machines are ADA compliant, and energy efficient.

Many of our machines even have interactive touch screens, which allow playback of video marketing, local business messaging, and more.

The most technology ever offered in a vending machine

Advanced Machines. Smart technology

When it comes to our machines, we have just what you need. We offer some of the most advanced technology available. Our machines accept all forms of payment, run quietly, and have advanced inventory tracking, so you’ll never have to worry about your favorite item running out, we’re always on it! Additionally, we offer a wide selection of healthy snack options from some of your favorite brands, so you and your employees or students, can get the snacks you want from a convenient local source.

When you are looking for vending service in Jacksonville, Southside, St. Johns, or anywhere near, Vend-Co is your best choice. Our machines are new, and packed with the most advanced technology available. Our routes are serviced by professionals that care about you and your customers/students.

Some of the features of our machines include:

  • Multiple payment options including Credit and Debit, Apple and Google Pay, as well as cash
  • Interactive touch screens for information and ordering
  • Remote Inventory monitoring for instant service updates
  • Handheld inventory monitoring for efficient product management and ordering
  • Guaranteed Delivery systems in place so no complaints to you

Our machines are equipped with internal monitoring as well as Guaranteed Delivery. Security measures are in place so that your vending machine transactions run smoothly from start to finish. Guaranteed Delivery makes sure you get what you ordered . No more errant charges, or paying for an item only to have it get stuck in the machine. Make purchases with confidence, knowing you’ll always get what you paid for!

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